When first entering the LB editor you might feel overwhelmed... but, soon this all will be oh-so-familliar. There are just four main sections of the lookbook editor. First is the document level navigation, outline here in green.

This is where you can add, delete and reorder your lookbook pages. This document level section also acts as a navigation, as any page you select will appear in the page editor directly below.


The page editor (or artboard) is where the bulk of your designing happens. This is where your text/icon editing and page layout options are.

To the right is your Media library, where you upload your images (jpeg, animated gif, png). You can add images by dragging and dropping from a folder (your computer or dropbox) onto the page. We only allow 10 images at a time, and all files should be under 3mb in size. You then drag&drop your images into the corresponding "cells" within the page layout you've chosen.

Now to make your lookbook shine, check out the tab next to images... Products! You can add products to your images as customizable hotspots, these open when a visitor clicks on them and display your product details. You just click "Add Product" to enter the product editor, enter your fields and when you save you'll see a product waiting to be dropped into your lookbook :)

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