To edit a Section users have to click on Edit button.

In the Section Editor menu there are:

  • Settings, to set both the Section margins and name and any languages to manage in the Templates;
  • Templates, imported from the PC;
  • Products, available in the Products Management page.

The Page (central section of the Editor) is Grid structured in which users have to drag the Templates. It's necessary to upload at least one Template to activate the Grid, since the Grid size is in the Template file name.

Below the Page there is the Timeline where are the Section Pages in which it's possible:

  • add a new Page (to the right of the current Page);
  • duplicate a Page;
  • delete a Page;
  • drag & drop a Page.

Instead clicking on the green button +, it's possible to add a Page at the end of list:

The Generate preview button allows users to see the PDF Preview or to Download the Indd file of the Section.
Downloading the .indd format file, users can edit the Section in InDesign and reload it. Until users upload the file or abort the operation, the Section will keep locked. Then it's possible choose:

  • Go Back: to go back to the Editor, keeping the Section locked;
  • Abort operation: to unlock the Section and go back to the Editor;
  • Upload file: to upload the new InDesign file.
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