Templates can be uploaded within the Section, clicking on Upload Template and importing the Library file created with InDesign from the PC. By click on Download Tempalte it's possible to get the Library.

When a new Library file is uploaded into a Section where is already imported an existing one, all Templates are overwritten. Then:

  • if the Library size is different to the already imported one, the all created Pages are deleted (a message will be shown to users);
  • if in the new Templates miss the associated ones to the existing Pages, these Templates will be highlighted with a red frame and it will be necessary to upload the missing Templates or change the associated ones to the Products. Until this task is not completed, it's not possible generate both the PDF preview and the .indd file.

In the Template menu are shown the thumbnails of each uploaded Template.
To add a Template into the Page, it's possible drag this element on the Grid or follow the Adding Wizard procedure.

When a Template has been added in the Page it's possible edit it, to add the Products, or delete it.

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