To create a new Catalog users have to click on Create Catalog from the Designer Module page.

NOTE: In LOOKCAST, Catalog means any content like catalog, brochure, product sheet, etc., that can be generated with the Designer Module.

To create a new Catalog users have to insert the Name and the Page size. The dimensions will be applied to all Catalog Pages and cannot be changed:

Pages will always be displayed placed side by side. Therefore the work area will include both Pages  (called Spread in InDesign).

Clicking on Save button, users access the Catalog management page where it's possible to:

  • change the Catalog Name;

  • change the Section order via drag&drop;

  • edit or delete a Section.

Each Catalog is composed of one or more Sections that can include different Templates. The Sections set is called Book.

When the Save button is activated, users have to save the changes to not to lose the work (like change the Catalog name or the Sections order).

If the Sections order changes, the Book will be regenerated automatically. Also the Catalog's cover (the preview image of each Catalog in the Designer Module home page), is updated when  the first Catalog Page changes.

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