If enabled for the account, LOOKCAST allows user to insert the Hotspot contents in a table in the Page. Then, with the PDF export, this feature allows to create content for printing easily.

When the Hotspot Table feature is activated, in the Products and in the Group Products, it will be shown the field visibility flag which can be added in the tables. User can Set table fields visibility as default for Products and Group Products editing the Hotspots.

Tables creation in the Page is the same like the Hotspots: it's necessary to enable Hotspot Table above the Page and drag the Product or the Group Products in the Page.

Once the table is added in the Page, user can use the right border to resize the width. Above the table there's the Table Custom Style button which allows to customize:

  • HEADER: here it's possible to define for first if the field headings should be distributed by rows or by columns. Then it's also possible to set the cell background, the font, the size and the color of the header.

  • TABLE BODY: this section allows user to define the table body style, customizing the same settings of the header and adding an alternate or solid style to the table rows.

  • TABLE LINE: this section manages the table borders. It's possible to set the color, the thickness and where apply the edges.

At the bottom of the Table Custom Style window there's the preview of the applied customizations to the table. These settings can be Set as default (for new tables) or applyied to the existing tables (Update all).

In this section, positioning the cursor between columns, it's also possible to resize the widths. This setting cannot be propagated to the other tables and it's available only for the current one.

NOTE: when the Product or Group Products data are updated, clicking on Save, the data in the tables are updated too.
Hotspot information visibility in the Campaign settings doesn't affect the tables.

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