A Product is a single Hotspot which can contain product data or general information:

The creation of a new Product takes place in the Editor or in the Product Management page. In the first case the Product will be available only for the current Lookbook, while in the second case it may be enabled for any Lookbook.

In the Editor it's possible to enable or create a new master Product clicking on Enable Products.

Changes made in the Editor to the enabled Products won't affect the master Products (presents in Product Management).
If the Lookbook will be deleted, all Products inside will also be deleted.

Product creation allows to add specific information:

  • LANGUAGES: the Language field defines the Product data language and it's identified by a code available in the drop-down menu. It's possible to add the Product contents in one or more languages, copy contents from another language and set the default one. Selecting the Default, user will set the default language to display the contents if the viewer sets the browser in one of the missing language.

  • PRODUCT NAME: it is the Product name and the Hotspot title. It's the only required field and if it's not filled out, it will include the default name "A PRODUCT".

  • PRODUCT NUMBER: is the field for the Product Number or the SKU code

  • PRODUCT COLLECTION (if enabled) :the Product Collection is a Products Grouping(like product market). It's possibile to assign a Product to one or more collections pr create a new one typing the name. User can use the collection to filter and research Products.Collection are managed only for master Products in the product Management.

  • IMAGES: in this section it's possible to add the Product main Image, uploading it from the PC. It's also possible to insert the Other Images that in the Campaign will appear at the right of the main Image. Images don't change for language.

  • WHOLESALE PRICE: it's the Product wholesale price. The currency must be added.

  • RETAIL PRICE: it's the Product retail price. The currency must be added.

  • STOCK: it allows to enter free text which contains Product availability. It's useful in case of external systems integration.

  • DETAILS: it's a field that supports html code. It's shown in the Hotspot below prices.

  • DESCRIPTION: it's another field that supports html code. It's shown in the Hotspot below Deatils.

  • CALL TO ACTION: here it's possible to define the Hotspot Call to Actions. Many Call to Actions can be added but ¬†only two can be enabled because, in the Campaign, no more than two can be shown. For each Call to Action it's necessary to add a destination url or an email address and the button name. The user can specify whether the link should be opened in a Open in New Tab section and whether to enable the Wishlist.

  • CUSTOM CSS: in this field it's possible to add CSS code to customize contents.

Any changes must be Saving.
The changes made to the Products will effect the Campaign only  after publishing it again.

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