The performance of each Campaign can be measured thanks to the LOOKCAST analytics system and are shown in the Campaign Page.

LOOKCAST's metrics track in real time both the events of the Campaign and the Hotspots. When the Campaign is launched, user can analyze the Lookbook trend and change both any Campaign setting and any Lookbook content.

Metrics data are automatically updated about every 5 minutes.

Metrics are splitted in Campaign Metrics and Hotspot Metrics.


  • VIEWS: it measures how many times the Campaign has been viewed.

  • VIEWERS: it counts the Campaign unique viewers.

  • ENGAGEMENT RATE: it measures the average percentage of the visited pages by each viewer vs the total pages of the Lookbook.

Views and Viewers metrics are also shown in a chart sorted by Weeks or Months. It's possible to enable each category.


  • VIEWS: it measures how many times a Hotspot has been opened.

  • VIEWERS: it counts how many unique viewers have opened at least one Hotspot of the Lookbook.

  • ACTION CALLED: it measures how many times a viewer clicks on the Hotspot buttons (even if repeated).

These metrics are shown in a pie chart indicating the percentage of the clicks on each Hotspot as compared to the sum of the clicks on all Hotspots of the Lookbook.

LOOKCAST allows to track Campaign events directly through the customer's Google Analytics service. It's possible to activate this feature sending to LOOKCAST the own "tracking id" and the "primary domain".

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