In the Campaign Page user can access to the sharing channels in any time, view the most relevant metrics and manage sharing settings.

At the top left of the page there is a summary of the settings defined in the Campaign Wizard and at the top right there it's possible to manage the Campaign.

  • HISTORY: gives the activities the history of this Campaign such as the date of creation, the launch date and the date on which the user has selected the sharing channel.
  • VIEW: allows to watch the Campaign preview, useful if the publication hasn't yet been done or the Campaign is Ended.
  • EDIT: allows to change the Campaign settings defined in the Campaign Wizard.
  • END: sets the Campaign status in Ended. In this way the Campaign will be no longer available and user, who tries to access to it via the microsite or the web page where the Lookbook has been embedded, will see the following message:
  • RELAUNCH: when the Campaign is Ended status, it's possible to relaunch it keeping the previous settings. The Campaign will put in Published status and will return visible in the channels where it was shared. The metrics will restart from the previous data (will not be reset).
  • DELETE: deletes the Campaign.

In the Campaign Page it's also possible to download the Lookbook in PDF format.

PDF settings can be defined in the Campaign options clicking on Edit, as shown above. In the PDF ATTACHMENT PROPERTIES section user can change the display settings both for the Hotspot and the Page Layout:


  • PLACE HOTSPOTS AS LINKS: in the PDF file the Hotspots will keep their layout as defined in the Editor and will be as links. Clicking on a Hotspot, the Campaign will be opened , connecting the user directly to the selected Hotspot.
  • HIDE ALL HOTSPOTS: hide all Hotspots in the PDF file.
  • PLACE HOTSPOTS AS QR CODES: this is the perfect solution for user who needs to print the PDF. The Hotspots will be replaced by QR codes of the same color. Scanning a QR code, the Campaign will be opened , connecting the user directly to the selected Hotspot.


  • ADD PRINTERS-MARKS AND BLEEDS: allows to add printers-marks and bleeds in the PDF file.
  • SPLIT PAGES: pages with Vertical Page Layout or Narrow are splitted into the PDF.

If the Campaign settings are changed, it's necessary to publish the Campaign.

In this page there are the Campaign metrics too. For more details, it's possible to read the article about Metrics.

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