The Campaign Wizard drives user through three steps:

  1. Edit Share Settings

  2. Review, Save & Exit or Go Live

  3. Choose Share Channels

FIRST STEP - Edit Share Settings

In the first step user can customize the sharing settings and assign a Campaign name (top left).

Moreover, in the box on the right, user always can see a preview that shows in real time how the Campaign will change based on the share settings.


Here user can set the Campaign access choosing three available options.

  • PUBLIC ACCESS: the Campaign is accessible without restrictions.

  • PRIVATE: it's possible to define a code needed for viewing the Campaign.

  • LOGIN: available on request, this option allows to identify Campaign viewers through authentication.


In this section user can set which Hotspot information showing.

  • RETAIL PRICE: both the Value (eg. "€ 40") and the field Description ("Retail:") can be shown. Cannot be shown only the Description.

  • WHOLESALE PRICE: both the Value (eg. "€ 20") and the field Description ("Wholesale:") can be shown. Cannot be shown only the Description.

  • TITLE: Product and Group Product names can be shown as a Hotspot title.

  • BUTTONS: in the Editor user defines which Call to Action can be enabled, up to two, while in this step it's possible to select to show only the first or second Button, both or neither.

  • SKU, STOCK, DESCRIPTION, DETAILS: it's possible enabling these fields.


Here user can enable some additional options managed through the Campaign hamburger menu.

  • ENABLE SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE: allows Campaign viewers to share it directly in one of the supported channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or via email. On mobile, are available WhatsApp and Telegram too).

  • ENABLE SEARCH PRODUCT: allows to search for Hotspots in the Lookbook.

  • EXPIRATION: if selected, it allows to set the end visibility date of the Campaign. After this date, LOOKCAST will display to the viewers a message to contact the brand and the Campaign will be put in the Ended status.

  • ATTACHMENTS: allows user to attach any file to the Campaign (like presentations, order forms, business plan, etc.). The attached files can be downloaded.


It's possible to customize also in this section the Campaign Style or pick a different Style of another Lookbook.

Picking a different Style to the Campaign, the Lookbook Style won't be changed.


LOOKCAST allows to change the preview image that appears in the social network when the Campaign is shared in these channels, just clicking on the social media icons and uploading an image from the PC. 

The Campaign contents will be kept. If the Social Cover hasn't been set, the preview image for these channels will be the first page of the Lookbook.

After this step, user can move forward to the next one clicking Save & Proceed or leave the wizard clicking Cancel. In this case, the Campaign will be set on Draft status and can be resumed later.

SECOND STEP - Preview, Save & Exit or Go Live

The second step of the Creation Wizard allows user to view the Campaign preview before publishing it. The preview can be viewed in the box or in a new window clicking on Preview in new Window.

Then user can:

  • go back to the previous step to change the Campaign settings (Back);

  • save the settings and exit, entering the Campaign in Draft status (Save & Exit);

  • publish the Campaign and go to the last step giving the sharing channels (Go Live).

THIRD STEP - Choose Share Channels

In the last step of the Campaign Wizard LOOKCAST gives the Campaign sharing channels.

Before logging in, the user can access the Campaign Page through the Visit Campaign page button, or the CAMPAIGNS page by clicking on View all Campaigns

  • LINK SHARING: this link allows to view the Lookbook as a microsite and can also be used to share the Lookbook in any channel.

  • WEBSITE EMBED: this is the html code of the iframe to embed the Lookbook within a web page. The iframe code changes based on to the theme and on the type of embed. For Fulton the iframe is available in Responsive mode (the Lookbook will be adapted into the web page embedded in, showing also the Lookbook vertical scroll bar) or in Full Page Height mode (the Lookbook is fully integrated into the web page where it is embedded). For Morlen the iframe is available in Responsive mode (the Lookbook will be adapted into the web page embedded in), or it's possible to select a fix width.

  • EMAIL: Clicking on Open Email Client, it's possible to send the Lookbook link sharing via email if user enables an email client.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: allows to share the Lookbook directly to the available social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest).

  • DOWNLOAD MICROSITE: the microsite can be downloaded in html format. If the contents are in multilinguages, the microsite includes all of them.

Then user can go to the Campaign Page clicking on Visit Campaign Page or can go the CAMPAIGNS page clicking on View all Campaigns.

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