The Custom Style is the EDITOR section that allows user to set a default Lookbook Style; each Lookbook has its own Style. When user duplicates a Lookbook, it will be created a copy of the Style too.

However,You can copy the Style of another Lookbook by selecting it from the "Copy Style From" drop-down menu. 

The format of the Lookbook can be changed by choosing the proportions among those available for the chosen theme or by customizing them.It is good to keep in mind that changing the proportions, the images and the texts entered in the Page will be adapted to the new format set. In any case, by reapplying the original proportion, the contents will return to their original shape and position.


In this section the user can set the format of the Hotspot, chosing between Static and Dynamic.

Static:this format allows the user to costomize window size in nrelation to the contents. It is infact possible to define the proportions of the window itself and the size of the images of the Products within a Product Group.

Dynamic: this format adapts to the contents of the Hotspots. There are no customizations to be set and the application automatically gives a window layout  based on the proportion of the main Product image , i.e. vertical or horizzontal.

Both for the Static and the Dynamic format, it's possible to enalble the social sharing icons that allow those who view the Campaign to share the link of the firs Button in one of the available Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest e Linkedin, in addition to WhatsApp and Telegram when the Campaign is displyed by Mobile)


In this section it is possible to define the Lookbook settings.

TEXTS: choosing a default texting style, when a new text box is created in the Lookbook,  the style chosen will applied.
This change has no effect on the exsisting texts but only on the new text boxes that will be added. This style will be applied also to the Campaign Menu, like the Products Search and the Cart (if enabled in the plan).

BACKGROUND COLOR PAGE: it allows to choose a background color page of the Pages. This color will appear where there are no images or where there are images with trasparency.

CAROUSEL: it is the graphic exchange element that allows those who view a Lookbook to scroll through the Pages. This selector changesaccording to the theme and it is represented by an "arrow" in Morlen and by a"dot" in Fulton.
The user can define the default Carousel style; at the same it is also possible to set a different color on the Page using the Change Page selector .

If the Custom Style options were not enought , it is possible to add  CSS e JAVASCRIPT codes.

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