In the Media section of the Library there are the images that the user can insert in the Pages. There are two categories: Your images and Unsplash images.

The contents in Your images must be uploaded before dragging them into the Page.

Clicking on Add New, user can upload an image from a local PC folder (or through a drag & drop).

Every size of images can be uploaded and the following formats are supported : JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG and BMP.

The images in Your images are in ascending ordered based on the upload date. Deleting an image from this category, it will be deleted both from the Lookbook (if inserted) and from each Campaign where this media is in. LOOKCAST prompts a confirmation to the user before deleting the image, indicating the Campaigns where this media is in.

In the Unsplash Images category, LOOKCAST integrates the images of the Unsplash platform that user can search through keywords. These images cannot be deleted from the Library, but only from the Lookbook in the same way indicated for Your images.

Every change will affect the Campaigns only after publishing them.

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