In this page it's possibile manage the available Products for the user.

The Products are separated objects to the Lookbook. It's necessary enable the Products for use them into the Lookbook.

Products management depends on the user permissions.

The Products can be enabled only once for the same Lookbook.

The Products are separated in two categories. By clicking on the corresponding category, will be shown:

  • External: imported products from an integrated external system (eg. a PIM or a Commerce platform);
  • Internal: products created in LOOKCAST.

In the section on the left, users can search the Products to be enable. It is possible to filter the search to these fields: Name, IdExternal (if enabled), Code or Collection.

For both External and Internal Products, the enabling workflow is the same:

  • the user selects the Products to be enable and click on the Enable button on the top left;
  • then the user chooses the available Lookbooks to enable the selected Products on and clicks on the Confirm button at the bottom;
  • will be shown a window with a list of "copied" Products or, if already enabled, "not copied".

On this page it's also possible to create new Products, which will be categorized as Internal.

Any changes to the Products will not automatically propagated in the Lookbooks. The user will have to delete them from the Lookbooks and then enable them again.

NOTE: when the user has to create a new Product, he have to consider if add it on this page or within the Lookbook. This evaluation must be made considering the using scope of this Product: if it have to be available for more Lookbooks or only for a specific one.

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